Keeping track of it all: ip access-list log-update threshold

I’ve been doing some great studying lately. Here’s my progress:

-Read up to page 85 on the CCIE Exam Cert Guide (4th edition)

-Read 10-20 pages of the BCMSN book, used it to review on some layer 2 topics that the exam cert guide didn’t go into to much detail with

-Did up to page 40′ish on the INE Volume I labs. I’ve been taking my time to make sure I have the verification commands down, and know that I’m “good” at certain technologies. This is especially important to me, since switching is doubtedly a core topic..everything else would break without it!

ip access-list log-update threshold X

I stumbled onto this command thanks to the INE ATC. By default, when you add the “log” keyword to an access-list entry, it will log the first hit, and subsequent identical hits will be logged at 5 minute intervals. Great for the real world (sometimes), not so great for the lab. I find it helpful to know one-for-one, that I have a packet passing through that meets that particular ACL. By entering this command, and putting a “1″ where the X is, it will log hits 1-for-1. Pretty helpful I think.

Anyway, back to studying. I’m now entering the world of STP, so if you don’t hear from me, send help ASAP I’ll be fine.

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